Super Fast, Super Practical.     Zero Residue.    Eco Friendly.


Real corrosion control removes the underlying causes 
(not just the symptoms) .

Metal items are continuously under attack from corrosion reactive sites that
exist within metal surfaces. Reactions bubble to the surface, penetrating protective
coatings and leaving metal vulnerable to attack from both sides of the surface
because ordinary surface preparation processes and rust removers are not
designed to address ionically bonded salts and contaminants that create

corrosion reactive sites.




Corr-Ze eliminates macro- and micro- corrosion generators.

Scanning Electron Microscopy provides clear empirical evidence that 

OxNot eliminates mill scales, micro-contaminants, interference 

materials and corrosion reaction sites that rust converters, rust removers,

salt removers and conventionalsurface prep processes routinely leave behind.


Corr-Ze is not a film former, converter or inhibitor. Film formers, converters and inhibitors
are expensive chemical products that attempt to maintain the appearance of"clean” metal by retarding flash rusting through diluting some, and temporarily masking all, surface contaminants. In doing so, they hide mechanisms that will eventually cause the coating system to fail. This is why professionals don’t use them.

Corr-Ze: Novel approach leads to

faster, easier process & better results

Without Corr-Ze 
Rust, corrosion generators & micro-contaminants remain present.

With Corr-Ze 
Rust, corrosion generators & micro-contaminants have been eliminated.

Dehumidification and reblasting steps are simply not needed when using Corr-Ze for surface prep. Moreover, Corr-Ze is “coating-neutral”, with ZERO film formers and ZERO interference compounds (known to inhibit coating adhesion). Corr-Ze does not soften, degrade, remove or otherwise affect intact old coatings. Corr-Ze has no detrimental effect on galvanized, inorganic zinc coating or thermal spray metal coatings when used according to recommended dwell times. Corr-Ze vastly improves the condition of metal substrates to ensure strong, uniform coating adhesion for maximum longevity and performance.

Corr-Ze: Quantum Leap in Corrosion Control




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