Decades on the job and in the lab resulted in multiple patents (the latest filed in 2015) developed following this revolutionary discovery in significant, but overlooked, problems in corrosion management.


In 1991, development of an entirely new method of metal decontamination to address these problems began in earnest. The research and development behind new approach resulted in the creation of a surprisingly simple, yet effective, product: Corr-Ze. Corr-Ze revolutionizes and significantly streamlines metal surface preparation and protection processes, with special benefits for industries where corrosion is extremely difficult to manage, such as food and beverage, heating and cooling, and petroleum industries.


Corrosion Innovations is proud of its role in assisting organizations in cutting operations and ownership costs by eliminating common causes of coating failures, optimizing coating adhesion and reliability and lowering required maintenance scope and frequency.


In addition to manufacturing Corr-Ze products for distribution, Corrosion Innovations regularly assists leading organizations around the world to help identify destructive contaminants present in vulnerable assets, isolate technological processes, and eradicate contaminants from metal substrates prior to coating to ensure the best possible results are achieved


Corrosion Innovations is dedicated to solving the problem of corrosion through research, product development, outreach, education and professional services.